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There is a reason we’ve become the house painters Mount Pleasant that everyone refers their friends to. From one house to the next, we have focused on delivering the highest-quality painting service and building true relationships. Many of our customers say it’s not always easy to find someone to work on your home you can trust. That is probably why Wade Paint Co has become so popular. 

When you’ve experienced a great house painting experience you never want to go back. Mount Pleasant residents frequently find and hire Wade Paint because of our premium service, local feel, and fair pricing. There is no other house painter that can match our level of customer service. Just look at all the positive reviews online! 

We are proud of our team and the work they do.  Whether you want to refresh your interior spaces or hire us for exterior painting,  Wade Paint Co. is your trusted partner for all the house painting services you need. Give us a call, we are looking forward to meeting you!

3 Reasons to Paint Your Mount Pleasant Home

New house paint makes your home look like new

Mount Pleasant’s proximity to the coast means that the salt water eats away at our bright hues faster than other parts of the country. Dull accent colors or even faded stucco walls have a big impact on the way you feel coming home. 

Getting a fresh coat of paint is a great way to breathe new life into your day. Homes in Mount Pleasant are beautiful, and hiring a painting company to work on your home uplifts your attitude as you walk up to and through the door.


house painters Mount Pleasant - Interior paint done by Wade Paint Co.

Paint is the first line of defense from weather and decay

Paint is your home’s first line of defense from wood rot, mold, and decay. Quality exterior paints create a semi-permeable layer that effectively blocks harmful UV rays and moisture. Mount Pleasant, like much of Charleston, receives the effects of annual squalls and even snow. Because our weather is anything but gradual, you need the right paint applied in the right way to give your paint job enough flex to cope with what could be an inch or two of expansion within 48 hours. 

Most conventional paints cannot flex to that degree and crack. We recommend that, in spring or fall, walk around your home and find the most worn areas. Neglecting to have a fresh coat of paint on those areas can easily be responsible for much larger repairs, wood replacement, or mold treatments.


Fresh Paint Increase your home’s value

We know that nobody is leaving Mount Pleasant these days. But like many real estate agents have learned, a fresh coat of paint can change the perceived value of the home to renters, vacationers, or prospective buyers. If you are weighing putting your home on the market or simply want to maximize your equity, one of the best investments you can make is in improving the paint on your property. Not only does it make a good impression on a potential buyer but painting your home has a very high ROI when compared to other common home improvement investments.

How the Top House Painters Mount Pleasant Can Help

Interior Home Painter

Our interior house painter services are second to none. We are strict when it comes to who we hire and the quality they are able to deliver. Our team is trained in painting as well as courtesy, so our customer’s homes and possessions are left in better shape than when we arrived. 

Our interior home painters Mount Pleasant will do a full drywall inspection and minor repairs, wood restoration, multiple layers of preparation, and several top coats. If you live in one of Mount Pleasant’s historic homes, we’ve completed restorations and even full deck rebuilds for our customers.

Exterior Paint Contractor

Our outdoor painters know their way around an efficient job site. Our team specializes in delivering a high level of paint that is not matched by any other paint contractor in the city. 

Our work often includes replacing wood rot with pressure-treated, aged wood, rebuilding stoop steps, decks, and even full siding replacements on historic homes.  We keep multiple carpenters on staff so our customers can enjoy a job done right.  Our focus on every job is to show why we are the best Charleston painting company. 


Commercial Paint Contractor

Wade Paint Co. is proud to support our local general contractors and builders. Our staff and processes compliment high-quality builds. Our team can travel and return proposal requests efficiently. Call us now to discuss the specifics of your project. 

Residential Painting Company

When your neighbors search for “house painters near me”, they are looking for a company like ours. We are expert residential house painters Mount Pleasant, offering fair pricing, transparent processes, and expertise that can keep the paint on your home looking great for years longer than our competition. 

We never skimp on materials or gatekeep our secrets. When you hire Wade as your painting contractor, you get all of our attention and the finest paint job you’ve ever received. 

Free On-Site Estimate

We always come onsite for our estimates. Not only because that is how a painting professional should act, but also because when a customer submits a quote request for a color consultation or some kind of paint experience, we always want to fully duplicate their expectations. 

Walking around a home, we often find a need for wood rot repair or other damage from the weather conditions in Charleston / North Charleston. Our philosophy is that everyone wins when we both walk around the house together.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Our cabinet painting is the best in the state. Our process for a typical home takes about a week. It often includes masking your entire room, setting up a spray station and ventilation out a window, prepping and painting your cabinets five times, and then reinstalling it in your house.

The reason we are so diligent is because your kitchen is one of the closest examined and heavily used areas of your home. When you get your cabinets painted you don’t want the paint to chip from a bump a year after it was completed. Our process gets you as close to that as you can. Call us to schedule an estimate.

Reasons to trust Wade Paint Co as your Painting Contractor

Wade Paint Co. has nothing but top reviews online, showing their dedication to the details of your home and their commitment to being the best painting contractor in the area.

Professionalism to us means hiring painters you can trust with experience who pass background checks, who show up on time, and who think beyond their role as a painter to encompass your whole home experience. Our dedication to working with the best has made us the best Mount Pleasant Painting Company. 

Knowing where your painters are, when they are coming back, and how long your job will take is an important part of working with someone you trust.

You are protected from accidents. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mt Pleasant Residential and Commercial Painting Estimates

Reviews from our Customers

Wade painting did an excellent job on my homes exterior. After price shopping his rates were competitive for the level of quality you are getting. Elliott listened to my concerns and was very responsive.

John Spry (Google)

Elliott, Kenny & Jimmy are the best! Elliott talked with me about his services and helped me decide on an interior paint color. From start to finish these guys were professional, timely and meticulous about their work. I highly recommend Wade Paint Company!!

Monica Hammonds

My experience with Elliott and his team was seamless from beginning to end. He was always responsive, always professional, always clear and honest and he, and his team, always showed up exactly when they said they would. He went above and beyond to make sure that my vinyl was painted in the best way and that it met warranty standards, and overall, he is just very genuine and kind. I have recommended his team to many friends!

Hannah Shafer (Google)

Areas We Serve

We have painted houses all around Mount Pleasant. In downtown Mount Pleasant, Shemood II, North Mount Pleasant, a couple of homes down by Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, around Hobcaw Creek, and across the following zip codes: 29429, 29464, 29466, 29482, 29492

Frequently Asked Questions

To save money when hiring a painter, consider doing some prep work yourself and opting for a single paint color for entire walls. Be thorough with your DIY tasks to avoid potential rework, especially if the painter offers a warranty. This can help cut costs while still ensuring quality results.

It’s generally advisable to hire a painter for projects larger than a single wall or room. Painters have the tools, expertise, and connections to finish the job efficiently and to a higher standard. They may even offer competitive pricing. Plus, they’re better equipped to handle weather disruptions, like South Carolina storms, ensuring the job gets done on time.

Depending on your situation, you might choose between hiring professional house painters Mount Pleasant or doing it yourself. In areas like Mount Pleasant, with tall walls and historic features, professionals are preferred. For smaller homes with simple needs, DIY could suffice, but hiring experts saves time and effort for a modest extra cost.

Negotiating with house painters Mount Pleasant is possible, but be cautious: those who readily compromise on price may not provide the best quality work. For small jobs, avoid painters who quickly agree to reduce prices. For larger projects, it’s easier to balance quality and cost. Always conduct a background check before hiring house painters Mount Pleasant.