Wade Paint Co.


About Us

Elliott & Kaylee Hall - Owners

Proud owners and operators of Wade Paint Co.

  https://wadepaintco.com/ out of Charleston, SC.

Here is the story of how Wade Paint Co became the best paint company in all of Charleston.


When the world shutdown in March of 2019 due to Covid, it cut off the Hall family from every dream they had been working toward the last 3 years.


Stuck between an investment in a business that was now prohibited and a new mortgage / new baby, Elliott was forced to find a new occupation in his former industry, house painting. Kaylee and Elliott met in college and, to make ends meet, they got in the habit of painting homes. Stuck with no other options, Elliott started reaching out to neighbors and asking if they needed some help with their painting. They did and referrals picked up immediately and didn’t slow down.


Within a year Elliot, Wade Paint Co was doing great, taking over the interior painting and exterior painting scene across Charleston. The referrals kept coming as Elliott saw to every project himself, making sure everything was exclaimed and any emergency was handled by his personal touch. To keep up with the growing business, Elliott had to start growing his team. To maintain the personal touch that was bring him success he got extremely picky with his team. He offered higher wages than anyone else in the city and attracted the top talent to join his team. Customers loved the new additions and referrals never slowed down.


Now Elliott and Wade Paint Co are proud to have delivered exterior painting on historically iconic homes on Tradd St downtown and immense estates on Kiaweh Island and Mount Pleasant.


The same good old-fashioned roots are brought to every project: good communication, upfront and honest people, and a seriously good paint job.