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Suppose you’re looking for the best and most affordable interior painters in Charleston, South Carolina. In that case, you have found it here at Wade Paint Co.

Our painting team is passionate about providing high-quality interior painting services at an affordable price. Our residential painting professionals know how transformative paint color can be for your interior house.

We always use our best interior painters to line up that edge and ensure your home is spotless.

Interior Painting with Wade Paint Co.

Our mantra is “Painting each home with the utmost care and attention to detail.” So, we always over-prepare each space with cleaning, sanding, and excessive masking.

We also hire painting professionals that everyone loves having in their homes. We’ve painted and restored some of our city’s most iconic homes and businesses across Downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island, and West Ashley.

Homeowners appreciate our level of courtesy and the detail of our work. We use only premium Sherwin Williams paint and take no shortcuts, so your home has been beautiful for years on both the interior and the exterior.


What makes Wade Paint different than other
interior painting companies?

Professional Interior Painting

Our interior painting teams are the best in Charleston. They were cherry-picked for their experience, attention to detail, and friendliness. It’s important to us that every customer feels delighted when our painting contractors are in their home.

One thing that makes us different is the caliber of the house painter we send onsite. These are not DIY painting workers who are still making some of the most common mistakes, but instead trustworthy professional Mount Pleasant painters.

Unmatched Quality in Charleston

We ensure that your home is treated with the utmost respect, prioritizing the protection of your belongings and maintaining an exceptional level of detail in every aspect, from straight lines to corners.

Homeowners in Charleston highly regard our team of home painters, and we are confident that you will appreciate our dedication to delivering quality results. Explore our site to view a gallery of before-and-after interior painting projects.

Licensed & Insured House Painters

Our painting company is licensed and insured, so you and your home are safe if something happens. It’s essential to use it to give that ease and complete the jobs correctly so you can enjoy the beautiful new space without any downside. We provide the best value and safest investment for anyone searching for an affordable painter near me.

Communication - A must-have for Residential Painting

A home is filled with precious things - objects and people. We learned that communicating often about your goals and biggest concerns gave us a lot of ways to exceed your expectations. With modern communication, we have no reason to act like an old Charleston painting company.

So, you won’t be in the dark with us, and you’ll be amazed at how your house looks if you avail of our exceptional interior painting service.

Contact us for your free painting estimate!

Highest-Rated Painters in Charleston, SC

We, Wade Paint Co., became one of the best interior painters in Mt. Pleasant, SC, because we emphasized communication. With a commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, we bring life to your walls through our expert home painting.

Whether you’re looking to refresh a single room or revamp your entire home or office, we have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results.

At Wade Paint Co., we understand that each space is unique, as are your preferences. Our interior painting jobs are designed to offer a tailored painting experience that aligns with your vision.

Wade Paint Interior House Paint Process

Our house painting works typically include, but are not limited to, surface preparation, home protection, painting, and clean-up, all done with the highest quality Sherwin Williams paints and materials to prevent common painting mistakes like paint bubbles.

We are exact in our measurements and quotes to give each customer the right painting experience, from customer service to ordering the correct materials for your residential painting job. Since we are inside your home for these jobs, our professional painters tread carefully, giving as many warnings as possible about risk areas or loud noises (if any).

As a top-rated painting company, we also use some of our best house painters to edge the project, ensuring the lines are as straight as possible without losing coverage. Whether you’re designing a new space or just want to freshen up an existing one with a fresh coat of paint, our team is here to help you make choices you love and get the result you envision.

We take great pride in our work, strive to exceed your expectations, and earn a 5-star rating. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling and affordable pricing on paint costs, making us the easiest house painters to work within all of South Carolina. We are a local shop, not a big chain like Certapro Painters, and we treat each of our customers like a neighbor should.

Professional Consultation

Our painting journey begins with a professional consultation. We believe in collaboration, ensuring that your preferences guide our approach. Our team of house painters will listen to your ideas, offer insights, and provide recommendations based on your space’s layout, lighting, and desired aesthetic.

House Estimate Process

During our estimate process, we take diligent notes on what needs exterior and interior work. Any areas of difficulty, especially those we must protect with diligence.

If you have a paint design for your space or are hoping for a particular look and feel, we can share the modern approaches to achieving that effect. Things like making a room appear larger using paint and perspective or turning your home into the contemporary farmhouse feel you often see in magazines.

As painting day approaches, we stay in touch with the customers and provide excellent customer service to inform them of updates. Then, on painting day, we carefully refer to our notes and mask off everything that needs to be protected before we begin our work. 

Proper Preparation Work

A flawless painting journey starts with proper preparation work. Our skilled home painters will meticulously prepare the surfaces, addressing imperfections, sanding, and priming as needed. Our team of painting professionals will begin preparation work, such as removing any old wallpaper, filling any holes in the wall, or texturing the wall before starting the painting project.

Painting Day!

For you, all you need to do on paint day is check in and see how amazing your interior space is starting to look. Whether you are there or not, we will always keep you informed throughout the project and address any concerns or questions as they arise. By keeping our attention on communication and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ve been able to help homeowners all over the community with the simplest and most complex painting projects.

Other Painting Services offered by Wade Paint Co.

Due to the number of historic properties in Kiawah and Sullivan’s Island, not to mention in downtown Charleston Tradd St, Wade Paint Co. has come to offer basic restoration services on top of their more typical painting services. We are honored to have worked on some incredible historic homes—restoring antique windows, redoing molding, and even rebuilding decks. For the typical homeowner, we offer the services needed to make sure the project finishes without a hitch. For our interior painting clients, this includes cabinet painting, basic carpentry, and some drywall repair.

If you have any concerns about our ability to handle the scope of your project, give us a call, and we can discuss it in the initial consultation. We are dedicated to providing high-quality painting services at a reasonable price.

Our additional services include: deck staining, fence staining, wood staining, cabinet painting, specialty painting, and flexible work hours for businesses in operation in Charleston. If you own a commercial space that could use some life, our painting teams are well-versed in the intricacies of commercial locations. Our team members prioritize customer satisfaction and provide exceptional customer service.

Why work with Wade on your next Interior Painting job?

We personalize our painting service to your specific job. After we have worked with you to select the perfect color combination for your space, we deliver our work with care and ensure that the result is what you envision. We are masters of our craft taking pride in every room of your home and offering tips and suggestions so that you have the ideal paint color for your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and living rooms.

We are committed to providing exceptional painting jobs and excellent painting experience from start to finish on all our interior painting jobs in South Carolina. In a few short years, we have become the highest-rated interior painting company in Charleston, SC — a fact we are very proud of!

From our first paint job in West Ashley to the historic restoration projects in Mount Pleasant and Kiawah Island our focus has always been on communication and customer satisfaction. That’s been the big key to our growth and popularity. Our team members are skilled in courteousness, paint color selection, and in high-quality aesthetic finishes.

We are one of the best house painters in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, SC.

So why settle for an uncertain and outdated interior painting job or risk doing the interior house painting job yourself? Transform your space today with Wade Paint Co.

Contact Wade Paint Co. today for a free estimate and to schedule your next painting project.

Our team of professional paint contractors is dedicated to customer satisfaction and will ensure your paint color selection, prep work, and drywall repair exceed your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to repaint your home when you notice signs of paint peeling, fading, or significant wear and when the paint no longer provides adequate surface protection, typically every 5-10 years, depending on environmental factors and the quality of prior paint applications.

The number of paint needed for your home depends on factors like the existing paint’s condition, the type and color of paint being used, and personal preference. Still, two coats are typically recommended for a durable and even finish.

Water-based latex paint is often the best choice for interior walls as it is easy to clean, has low odor, and provides a durable and long-lasting finish.

Priming the walls before painting is generally recommended as it helps improve paint adhesion, covers stains, and ensures a more uniform finish, mainly when painting over bare drywall or surfaces with varying textures.

The choice of finish (sheen) for different rooms or surfaces depends on factors like the room’s usage and desired aesthetics. For example, flat or matte finishes are suitable for low-traffic areas. In contrast, satin or semi-gloss finishes are often used in high-traffic or moisture-prone areas for washability and durability.

The drying time for paint can vary based on factors like humidity and the type of paint used, but it’s generally safe to move furniture back into a freshly painted room after 24-48 hours for latex paint and longer for oil-based paint.

For an interior painting project, you will need essential tools and equipment such as paintbrushes, rollers, paint trays, drop cloths, painter’s tape, sandpaper, putty knives, and a ladder, as well as paint and primer, to complete the job effectively.