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How to Prevent and Fix
Common Paint Issues in Your Home


As a homeowner, it’s essential to keep your home’s exterior paint in excellent condition. Cracking, bubbling, or peeling paint can be a frustrating sight, indicating that your paint is not fully adhering to the surface as it should. At Wade Paint Co., we often hear from concerned homeowners regarding the state of their paint. In this article, we will provide valuable tips to prevent and repair the most common paint problems, ensuring a long-lasting and visually appealing paint job.

Understanding the Causes of Paint Cracking and Bubbling

Paint cracking and bubbling are often caused by the two main enemies of a long-lasting paint job: moisture and heat. Moisture and heat can weaken the paint’s adhesion abilities, preventing the good, solid coverage that makes newly painted homes so beautiful. Inside the home, the bathrooms are especially prone to paint flaking and peeling because of the high humidity and inadequate ventilation common to those rooms. To maintain a durable paint finish, it’s crucial to have a plan to address and prevent these factors from ruining the paint.

preventing and fixing paint damage by Wade Paint Co

Preventing and Repairing Damaged Paint

Here are some recommendations that we follow in order to ensure a high-quality paint job is delivered every single time.

Surface Preparation for New Paint:

  1. Choose high-quality paint with adequate pigments and adhesives to ensure proper adhesion and flexibility. We have a preference for high-end Sherwin Williams paint, which you can buy at their own store in Downtown Charleston (472 Meeting St Ste F, Charleston, SC 29403)

  2. Prepare the surface by repairing cracks, holes, and uneven areas, followed by thorough cleaning.

  3. Apply a suitable primer that matches the surface type before painting.

  4. Apply paint coats evenly, avoiding excessively thin layers, and allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.

  5. Choose the right weather when painting outside, or, if painting inside, do your best to completely dry out the room before laying down any paint. For rooms without good ventilation, running a fan for a while before and after painting will help – just make sure you aren’t blowing any dust onto your new walls!

Repairing Cracked or Peeling Old Paint:

  1. Never paint over damaged paint directly; it requires proper repair.

  2. Sand the damaged area to remove loose or flaking paint, feathering out the edges.

  3. Prime any exposed areas and fill in damaged sections before repainting the surface.


By following these tips and seeking professional assistance, homeowners can prevent and repair common paint issues. Wade Paint Co. is dedicated to providing professional, punctual, and reliable painting services in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island, West Ashley, and all surrounding areas. Trust our expertise and commitment to integrity to transform your home’s exterior. Choosing the right house paint, combined with our skilled team, ensures a stunning and long-lasting finish.


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